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A sculptural vision

Caroline Winn has been making, exhibiting and teaching ceramics for over 25 years, working from studios by the Thames in London and in West Cornwall.


Her expressive and intuitive ceramics emphasise the visible process of clay and intimacy of surface, and reflect narratives about migration, trade, human endeavour and other themes taken from nature. Her work for interior and outdoor spaces stretches traditional perceptions of clay as a sculptural medium.


Caroline's work is found in private collections across the UK and internationally, and has been shown in galleries and sculpture parks in Cornwall and London. 


Creative process

Caroline's unique ceramics are the outcome of a constantly evolving process of intuition and experimentation. Drawing on a wide range of materials and methods - and often pushing traditional boundaries of sculptural ceramics - her work reflects themes such as memory, traces of the past and the natural world. Recent projects she has undertaken include stoneware cloud forms, totem-like tidal markers and porcelain and paperclay sculptures combined with crystaline salt.




Caroline works with a wide range of materials, predominantly black and white stoneware, porcelain and paperclays. As a keen mudlark, she collects metal and other artefacts found on the foreshore of the Thames and often incorporates them, both narratively and physically, into her work. 

Caroline fires each piece up to four times, using both gas and electric kilns, as well as smoke and saggar firings. She layers slips, oxides and glazes and uses the heatwork of the kiln to produce sculptural ceramics that intrigue and engage.





Caroline frequently produces sculptures that are specially commissioned, working in close dialogue with the client during the creative process. 

Pieces can be produced for both indoor and outdoor display, to suit specific sites, and can be installed with customised plinths and stands.

All work outside is fully frost-proof.

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