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Forms, textures and narratives inspired by Caroline's working environment by the Thames and in far west Cornwall, ranging from small scale figurative pieces to 2 metre-high tidal markers. 

Salt Ring Water Fountain, 2023
Sambichi Tidal Marker, 2021
Thames Tidal Marker, 2020
Black stoneware plates
Bodrifty Figures, 2021
Candlesticks, 2021
Buckets, 2021
Sambichi Tidal Marker, 2021
Zennor Markers, 2019
Nimbus Birdbath, 2019
Thames Eyot Figures
Aits Boatyard, 2019
Limpet pots, 2021
Thames Tidal Traces, 2021
Thames River Nimbus, 2019
stoneware plates
black stoneware plates
black stoneware plates
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