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3 Western Terrace, Chiswick Mall, London W6 9TX

"Between the mind, the world and the object"

Caroline’s highly individual ceramic sculptures are the outcome of an experimental, intuitive and constantly evolving process. They explore themes of ‘traces’ of conversation and memory, leaving specific interpretation and response to the observer. 


The form, colour and texture of Caroline's ceramics are often inspired by the landscapes of west Cornwall and the Thames in London. Retracing history discovered in debris along the shoreline, Caroline frequently fires these tangible remnants of human activity into the clay and uses the intense heat work of the kiln to affect and distort the poses and gestures of her figures, challenging the viewer’s assumptions and inviting conversation. More recently she has been working on a series of pieces based around clouds and their reflections in water.

Caroline uses traditional ceramic hand building and glazing techniques and incorporates a mix of porcelain, paper, and black and white stoneware clays, as well as different layers of slips and oxides. Each piece is fired up to four times, with a final firing at 1260°c in either an electric or gas kiln. 

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